Hi, my name is Alessandro Camporota. I studied art extensively in high school and after graduating I began to teach myself 3Dsmax.
It was very difficult, and at times very frustrating, but my passion for video games helped me struggle through it and I ultimately enjoyed working with it.

After working for three videogame companies here in Italy, I joined the online animation school, Animation Mentor,where I was lucky enough to learn from some of the best animators in the world and meet many students with the same passion and enthusiasm as myself.

After 18 months in Animation Mentor, I can honestly say that I developed a true love for acting and I realize how a good acting performance can make all the difference in a shot.
I love most of the CG movies but I'm also a huge fan of Manga and Anime.

My goal at the moment is to join a big studio as an animator and hopefully have the opportunity to work closely with professional animators.